Thursday, January 26, 2012

I washed my clothes by hand for the first time today...

So after doing some cliche (and some not so cliche) activities in New York,

And after relaxing on a bus touring through London,

I have arrived at my final destination. I've been here for about a week and am slowly learning to accept the "hangout-ness" of the culture. However, I am beginning to work on a few projects that are pretty exciting, including partnering in writing a newspaper feature and making a documentary about a machine that is supposed to turn kitchen waste into gas. (Very green, I approve.) And, right now I'm studying up on my elementary math so I can start teaching the kids at night after school. Wish me luck, teaching has never been my strong suit.
Here's a look at my room. I am step by step working on nesting just a little bit more each day.

Please send me mail. It takes about a month to arrive, so plan accordingly.
Attn: Alina Launchbaugh
P.O. Bo2855-10140
Nyeri, Kenya