Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear vegetarians, I'm almost sorry.

Here at the Center, I live off of a pretty vegetarian diet. The protein I generally consume comes from beans or eggs. Being an avid meat-eater, I can only handle such a diet for so long. For a couple of weeks now, my housemate, Jeff, and I have been throwing around the idea of purchasing a chicken to eat. On a whim yesterday, we decided the time had arrived. We walked down the road in the hopes of finding a hefty rooster to take home. While the rooster market was a little sparse, we did wind up with a pretty healthy looking hen.

Which soon became this...(I'll spare you the more graphic in-between photos)

This is definitely a solid addition to new life experiences and, for the record, was much less gruesome of a process than I had expected. In fact, the chicken even got to lounge around a little...