Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chew Lightly in Kenya

There are many precautions one must take while being in a foreign country (eg. Not losing your passport, not being “taken”, not drinking the water). However, in Kenya, more important than any of these is being on the lookout for stones in just about any meal. I am becoming very skilled in the art of “jawing” my food as I recently found this little guy in my daily consumption of githeri (a soup-ish substance with beans and maize)…

Also, I think it’s only fitting that you get a full view of my home for the next five months. I look so awesome in most of the video because I am getting acquainted with the farm life (“the shamba”) this week. The youth working on these small crops are some much stronger than I will probably ever be both in physical and emotional strength.

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  1. i looooved this! p.s. you live with boys? inappropriate. but i will let it slide. address. i need an address.